Freeze-Dried Candy: Sour Puffs

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Freeze-Dried Sour Puffs
If you have kids or grandkids, they definitely know about this stuff, and they're keen to try it!

But they might not actually get to try it once you try it because this stuff isn't just for kids, it's for anybody with a sweet tooth! 

Freeze-Dried Candy is a deliciously fun treat!

It's also a trending item on TikTok and social media platforms everywhere because it's super fun to eat, and quite an interesting experience. 

Here's what makes ours better than the rest ...
  • We manufacture, pack, and ship our products from a licensed, Health Canada Certified processing facility.
  • We ship directly to your door using the fastest ship times available.
  • We're never out of stock.
  • We have the best value, best quality, and best product
  • It's 100% as good as everybody says

WARNING: Other Freeze-Dried Candy sellers may be making it in their basements and garages, not from a licensed facility. We went through the proper channels to make sure that our candy is being produced in a federally approved and health inspected food processing facility, so we can promise you all our products are safe to consume! (Which is also why you'll find us soon in a store near you ;)

Crispy and crunchy, these candy creations provide a new sensation in both flavour and that all-important first bite!

If Candy isn't your jam (and yes, that dad-pun was 100% intentional) no worries, we've got other stuff that you can check out.

If you or the people you know love candy, this is a must-try, buy-now item!

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