Primed Warrior 30 Day Emergency Food Bucket

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Primed Warrior 30 Day Emergency Food Kit is industry leading in calories per day. This means you get the most value for your dollar to help you get through troubled times. It has been carefully crafted by food scientists and survival experts to help keep your body energized, your mind sharp, and your spirits high through troubled times.

When disaster hits, chances are you'll be faced with one of two survival scenarios: long-term, in-home sheltering or a last-second evacuation.

Shelf Life: Up to 30 Years
Total Calories: 68,460
Calories Per Person, Per Day: 2,282
Total Servings: 358
Serves: 1 Person for 30 days (or 2 people for 15 days, etc.)

Primed Warrior Freeze Dried 30 Day Emergency Buckets are made in our Certified Food Processing Facility in Regina, Saskatchewan. Our Processing Facility & Warehouse comply with all regulatory and food safety requirements, ensuring that our products are 100% safe and ready to enjoy!

  • Processed and manufactured in Canada
  • Warehoused and Shipped in Canada
  • We're Canadian.

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